Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pictures of our New/Old House

Our dining room has been painted but I need new furniture and a new light. Also, all the carpet is going to be pulled up and wood floors are going down. Our living room is the work room right now. There use to be a wall separating the kitchen and living room which is now gone. It really opened up the space. Bryan is going to build a kitchen island with some bar stools.

OK, don't panic but this is our kitchen. It is stuck in the '70s and we have lots of plans for remodeling it. Obviously, we plan on getting new appliances and countertops. I think we are going to paint the cabinets.

This will be the baby's room! I went with green because obviously I won't know if it's a boy or girl. This bathroom is halfway finished. The toilet and floors are new. The walls have been painted but we still have to get a new countertop and sink.

More pictures will be coming soon!

What a mess!

Well, my house is officially under construction and it is a huge mess! We knocked out a wall to open up the kitchen and the living room. Now, dust is all over everything. We have been working on the bathrooms for three weekends now. Who knew that the smallest rooms in the house would take the longest time to finish. Remodeling is fun but stressful at the same time.

I received a letter from the adoption agency today that stated we were caught up on our paperwork and as soon as we pay our next bill we will be assigned a caseworker. Hopefully, the next part of the process will go smoothly. From my understanding, we will be assigned a caseworker and then we will schedule our visits with them. We do have a little bit more work to do to the house before the caseworker can come but it shouldn't take us too long. The waiting has already begun and is making me crazy! I just want things to move quickly and when you can't control certain things about the process it is hard to sit around and wait. Like I have said before, I just can't wait to see what baby God has chosen for us and we can't wait to meet them! Our family will be complete.