Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy Times!!!

A lot has happened since my last post.

First, Bryan and I finished our home study. Michelle came to the house and stayed for about two hours. She inspected the house and interviewed us one more time together. Michelle now has to type up a report which will be about 15-20 pages. She allows us to view this report before sending it to the agency. Once the agency has it, we have one more meeting at the agency with Doris. Doris is the agency's director. During this meeting, we will review for the last time what we want and will be open to accepting. Then we are just waiting until God finds us the perfect baby.

This weekend, Bryan and I attended an adoption conference in Charlotte. The agency has two a year, one in the spring and in the fall. We got to hear a birthmother's side of the story which was very interesting. Also, we learned more about bonding with our adopted child. The best part of the conference was hearing first hand stories of adoption. We got to hear from four different couples who had adopted and how much they enjoyed the process. Each story was different and very emotional. The conference was very informative and it is something that Bryan and I will attend yearly.

The adoption become very real this weekend. Some parts of it are a little overwhelming and confusing but we know that we are going to receive the perfect child. I just hope that it happens very soon! Talk to you soon!