Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Self-Portraits

When I got home from work today, I got the camera out and Will and I had some fun.   Will was dying laughing at the camera today.  He loved to look at the pictures on the screen after we took them.  

Normally, I don't like self-portraits but I thought these turned out pretty cute.  Anything with my baby boy in them is cute!

Check out that grin!  He was a happy boy this afternoon.  I think he's excited because he knows that we are going to be home with him for a nice, long weekend.  I know I just went back to work but I feel like I am in need of a long weekend.  The beginning of school is exhausting!  

Sunday, August 26, 2012


We have had another wonderful weekend! 

Friday, Will was trying which hat he should wear.  My boy loves to play with his many hats.  It's about time for me to get him a new Fall hat.

(Ignore my big foot in this pic, not sure what that's all about!)

Saturday, we went to Braden's birthday party at their house.  The theme was transportation and there was a fire truck jump house and a train to ride.  Angela did a wonderful job with the decorations and we had a good time.
Happy 2nd Birthday Braden!

Braden & Will

Saturday night, Bryan & Will relaxed and watched the Bristol race.  We ordered out dinner and did absolutely nothing.  After Will went to bed, Bryan and I watched The Hunger Games movie and I really liked it.  I have read all the books and I can't wait for the next movie.

Today, we went to church and then went to visit Mawmaw.  She isn't doing very well right now and I really hate seeing her like this.  I know she isn't in any pain but she is just not herself.  Whenever she sees Will, she perks up just a bit but she can't talk to us anymore and they have had to put her on oxygen.  Please keep her in your prayers.   Cancer is a terrible disease.

Tomorrow is my 11th first day of school!  I don't really get nervous anymore but the anticipation of getting to school and making sure I have everything ready for a new group of kids is very nerve-wrecking. Bryan is going to take Will to Nana's house every morning which is such a big help.  The alarm clock will go off at 5:30 am!  Summer is definitely over and we are getting ready to be back to our regular schedule.  Wish me luck!

Monday, August 20, 2012

15 Months Old

Will was 15 months old August 13 and we were at the beach.  I forgot to take some pics then so I did today which worked out well because we also went to the doctor today for Will's 15 month old check-up.  He now weighs 22 lbs and is 33.5 inches long.  He checked out great and the doctor was very happy with where he is at right now.  He even made the comment that he is very social and I said yes, absolutely!

Will had to get two immunizations today, notice his little bandaids on his arm and his train sticker he got for being such a good boy.  He only cried for a second and was over it.  No big deal!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer

We spent the end of our summer at the beach.  We went down last Saturday with my mom and dad.  They stayed with us until Tuesday and then Bryan's parents came down Thursday and stayed with us until today.  It was really nice being able to have both sets of grandparents come down to the beach with us and enjoy some time with Will.  Plus it helps Bryan and I out a lot because Will is all over the place!  

While my parents were there, they kept Will one night so Bryan and I had date night!  You will never guess who walked into our restaurant:  Fergie!  It was really cool seeing her but we didn't bother her because no one else was and I am sure she was enjoying having a nice quiet dinner.  No, her wonderful, HOT husband was not with her but another lady was.  Cool story to tell!!

Ashley and her family were also at the beach this past week and the house they rented had a pool.  We had fun hanging out with them one day and swimming in their pool.

Will eating a pickle for the first time.  He liked it!

Napping after playing on the beach.  He looked so peaceful.

We had a fun, last week at the beach this summer.  I return to work tomorrow and school starts next Monday.  Summer vacation is over.   I am so lucky to have a job that allows me so much extra time to spend with Will.  We have done so many fun things this summer and made some wonderful memories!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unplanned Fun!

Sometimes it is just fun to do something unplanned.  Today we filled up Will's pool and let him jump in clothes and all!  We had been outside playing and he was getting hot so why not?

Practicing what he learned at swim lessons, blowing bubbles!

You can only imagine how heavy that diaper was!!!