Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Christmas was wonderful this year!  Will was so much fun and we had the best time.  We enjoyed spending time with all of our families and now we are enjoying time at home just the three of us.

Pregnant cousins!  Both girls and due about six weeks apart!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Program

Thursday night, Will had his Christmas program at church with his preschool class.  They sang Christmas songs and did so good!  This is the cutest little group of kids ever!

After the program, the church served us snacks and we had a special visitor!  Will wasn't very sure of Santa in the beginning but then warmed up to him.  He sat on his lap, talked to him, and was excited about the candy cane that Santa gave him.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Reindeer Cam

I love the website that was shared on the blog Love is all you need yesterday.  It is a live reindeer cam and is super cool!  Will is all about it and loves to check on the reindeer daily.  Plus, Santa makes special appearances to feed and play with the reindeer.  Check it out!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

34 weeks

So I am pretty much a terrible blogger these days.  I think I can blame it on the pregnancy.  I'm tired at nights and honestly can't even begin to think about typing and trying to put words together to make sentences that make sense!

But I did think about it here I am at 34 weeks along!

Not the best picture but it'll do.

Right now, I still feel pretty good.

I am having a little swelling with my hands and feet.  I tried to put on a pair of shoes this morning and they were too tight!

I think I am having some small braxton hicks contractions but nothing too painful.  I read that it is just my body preparing for the big day.

Right now I am craving cold fruit in a can.  You know the kind in the sweet syrup that I am sure is terrible for you but I can't get enough, especially pears.  

Sadie is very active these days.  She is constantly moving around and she seems to be high because I can really feel her right below my ribs.  Bryan got to feel her the other night really moving around and it was pretty cool.  Usually every time I tell him to come feel her, she stops.

I am now going to the doctor every two weeks and I go for a checkup tomorrow.  My belly measures right on track if not a little small. 

I have gained about 20 lbs!

The nursery is just about finished and I will post pictures soon.

This weekend I plan on packing our bags as much as I can.  I can get Sadie's bag packed just in case because you never know these days!

I feel like this pregnancy has flown by but we are feeling super blessed these days and I can't wait for Sadie Jane to get here.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Look who arrived!

This is our first year with the Elf tradition.  Our little elf arrived today and after a long day of discussing names, Will finally decided on Pete!

I think Will is still a little young to totally understand the concept of the Elf but it's still fun.  Just today we have reminded him several times that the Elf reports back to Santa and it definitely gets his attention.  
Now the work begins for us.  As I am typing this, I am reminding myself to move Pete before the morning!