Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Let me begin by saying that I had a wonderful week with my family at the beach recovering from a whirlwind of a Christmas!  Things have been so busy that it was really nice just going to the beach and relaxing.
We are home now and I am finally sharing some Christmas photos with you!

Our family started celebrating on Christmas Eve with Bryan's family at his mom's house. 

On Christmas eve night, my mom, dad, and Aunt Francis came over for potato soup and presents.  I wanted to start a tradition with Will where every Christmas eve we open a new book together as a family and we read it.  This year I got Will The Night Before Christmas at Target.  When we sat down to read the story, we opened up the book for the first time and here is what it said...

The dedication said to Will Christmas boy!  All of us just sat there for a moment stunned because we had no idea that was in there.  I promise I just picked it up off the shelf at Target!  That book was meant to be Wills!

Bryan and I got a new coffee maker from my mom & dad!
Love it!

Christmas morning started at 4:30 am which is Will's new wake up time (we are working on getting back to our 6 am time).  All of the grandparents came over for more gifts and breakfast casserole.

Christmas night, my dad's family got together at my Uncle Billy & Aunt Linda's house.  There was more food and more presents!

Will's first Christmas was wonderful!  We had such a good time with the families and Will was so good through all the shuffling around.  There's more things to share and they will be coming soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

We have been celebrating all day long and I am exhausted!  It will take me a while to post about everything that I want to share with everyone about Will's first Christmas.  So far it has been wonderful and we still have so much more to look forward to.  Our family is so rich in blessings this year and it is such a wonderful time!  Tomorrow is going to be another big day with lots to do.  Will is being dedicated at church in the morning and then we have more family celebrations.  Don't worry, there are many, many photos coming your way but until then, I will leave you with just one.  
We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Playdate

Today Will and I went over to my friend Ashley's house to exchange gifts, eat some lunch, and play.  Aiden and Will were very excited and had fun playing together.  We ate McDonalds for lunch and Ashley even planned a craft project for the boys.  We attempted to create snowmen out of their handprints. Aiden was use to putting his hand in paint but Will was not.  It was knd of a challenge but the ornament turned out cute!  I am so glad that we took time out of our busy schedules to spend some time together during the holidays!
We had fun and can't wait to play again sometime soon!

I was trying to figure out the best way to put his hand in the paint!

It turned out cute!

Will was licking a rice krispie treat and he loved it!

Will loved playing in the pool of balls!  

Special Prayer Request
I would like for you to keep Ashley's grandfather in your prayers.  He is very sick and is not expected to make it much longer.  She is very close to her grandparents and this is really hard on her right now around the holidays.  Please lift her family up in your prayers.