Friday, February 21, 2014

Sadie Jane...One Month Old!

I'm a little late on posting her monthly pictures but it's because I just got my cute stickers in the mail.  Can you believe she is already a month old?

Weight:  7.14 lbs
Height:  19.5 inches

These measurements were taken when she was two weeks old so I would say she definitely weighs more and is longer!

Eating:  She loves to eat!  She eats every 2-3 hours and is taking around 3 oz of formula in every bottle.

Sleeping:  Honestly, she is not a great sleeper.  While she is sleeping, she grunts and makes noises. Most of the time she is very restless but we have learned to just let her make her noises because it's just her and the way she sleeps.  We are just hoping she learns to relax and sleep peacefully.  During the day, she naps in her basket and at night she sleeps in her crib.  I know it's early, but we want her to get use to her room and her bed so we put her in her crib a few weeks ago.  It was an adjustment but she is getting better about sleeping in her room.  

Things she enjoys:  She loves to lay on the right side of her head all the time!  We are working on stretching out her neck and training her to move her head around a little bit more.  Eating is her favorite past time!  She will swing and lay on the floor while she is awake.  She likes to sit up and look around and she sometimes likes her paci but not all the time.  

Things she doesn't like:  Dirty diapers, hiccups and gas!

Funny moment:  When we took Sadie for her first checkup at the doctor, she pooped when Bryan was undressing her and then continued to poop while the nurse was checking her out!  Her timing was fantastic!

I love her chubby cheeks and her little rolls on her legs.  I love that she looks at me now when I talk to her and that she recognizes my voice.   I love that she is starting to smile (even though it's probably gas!)  

We are all adjusting very well and settling into somewhat of a routine.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Grandparents & Snow Fun!

We had all the grandparents at the house the other day and Will requested a picture with all of them.  He insisted that they all sit on the couch together for the picture.  It turned out really cute!

It snowed pretty much all day today and Will loved playing outside with Bryan.  We took Sadie out for just a few minutes for her first snow picture.  Will loved sledding down the backyard and can't wait to go again hopefully tomorrow!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Finally we had a nice day today.  The weather has been terrible lately and we were starting to get cabin fever so we loaded the kids up and headed to the park today.  (It is still weird to say "kids")  It was almost 70 degrees and gorgeous.  Will had the best time running around and playing on the playground.  The carousel was open today so Bryan and Will rode it too.  It was so nice to get outside and get some fresh air.  Sadie Jane slept the whole time but I think she enjoyed the nice day too!

Bryan took this really cute picture of the Sadie Jane and Will this morning.  Will was reading her a story.  Precious babies!